Replacing metal closures with paper

Replacing metal lids with paper

In line with our ongoing commitment to increase sustainability and offering advanced environmentally friendly packaging options to our clients, the Zipform Packaging team are proud to offer paper bottoms and membrane tops in place of metal closures on composite packs.

Manufacturing a pack that offers the benefits of barrier properties, strength, cost, and recyclable paper content with a paper composite bottom closure and a membrane top closure can be a challenge. But we love a good challenge and finding a great solution to offer our clients is even more enjoyable. In this case, we were able to source a product that perfectly suits our needs, and delivers the performance demanded by the businesses we work with.

“The commitment of the Zipform Packaging team to understanding our client’s challenges, and finding new, best-practice ways to meet those challenges continues to impress me. We have a genuine passion for solving ongoing challenges with new technologies that improve pack integrity, performance and offers increased sustainability.”

John Bigley, Zipform Packaging CEO

Our team identified the very best manufacturing equipment to deliver high speed, robust solutions for this leading edge technology. Capable of reliably closing 120 packs per minute, the combination of equipment and labour productivity, with low material costs, delivers outstanding value for money in a recyclable paper composite pack.

With our technology, packs are delivered by conveyor direct from the body-making line to ensure efficiency and a speedy turnaround time. This process completes a number of complex operations, including forming a top curl and closing the bottom of the pack before delivering the finished product to our robotic palletising facility.

The technology enables us to cost effectively close both round and non-round packs and results in a more sustainable packaging specification for improved environmental outcomes. It also ensures the pack is lighter in weight than conventional, metal-closed composite packs by approximately 15%. These advantages are impressive and we’re proud to be leading the way in delivering these solutions in the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets.

Replacing metal lids with paper

This process is sustainable and one that we work on continually to refine and make additional improvements. We found that by increasing the percentage of recycled and FSC virgin paper, and substantially decreasing the percentage of metal in the pack we have made significant progress towards a fully sustainable packaging specification. Currently, our pack is generally recyclable in the paper stream, however, different councils apply different standards and criteria for paper recycling, so it is always best to check before adding packaging to the recycling.

“We find that all sorts of companies are happy to engage with us when they understand the combination of benefits we deliver. When we offer new technologies, reduced the use of metal and plastic, increase sustainability, achieve better performance and include fantastic savings, it makes for a compelling argument.”

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

We typically offer customers significant savings compared with conventional composite packs. The flexibility, improved sustainability, replacement of metals and of course, the cost savings, make these solutions appealing to many clients. Mix My Muesli, Inca Organics, Limeburners, Real Pet Food companies, Matcha Tea and Rowies Cakes are amongst the many clients who have benefited from our paper bottom and membrane top closures.

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