Ovenable packs and trays

With our experience in developing packaging solutions for just about every type of food product there is, we also have exceptional capabilities in packaging solutions for ovenable food products.

Zipform Packaging is well equipped with the technology to design, develop and supply ovenable packs and trays that offer increased performance, a better end-user experience, increased sustainability and impressive cost savings.

Utilising our Linear Forming and Closing technologies, our team can manufacture packs suitable for cooking and reheating food and liquids in both conventional ovens and microwave ovens.

“We dedicated significant time to research and development, and then a comprehensive testing phase to make sure that the materials and final solutions meet our standards. It’s always exciting to bring a new option in the packaging space, and our Ovenabl™ range will provide an excellent new option to our clients.”

David Kilpatrick, Zipform Packaging Research Development & Quality Director

In our quest to find the right materials for our oven-safe packs and trays, we identified and evaluated a range of products and materials, all certified for conventional oven use up to 200°C and safe for microwave use as well. To make sure we are supplying our clients with the best possible ovenable solutions, we trialled the materials in varying combinations before selecting two different specifications for our new Ovenabl™ range.

Our Ovenabl™ packs will be available by mid-2018 and will be suitable for conventional oven use at 200°C for 20 minutes and for all microwave oven use. In addition to their oven-safe qualities, all of the packs can be used for baking and freezing in commercial bakehouses and kitchens, and they will be available in a range of sizes to suit different applications. As always, flexibility and providing options is at the centre of what we offer.

The Ovenabl™ range provides a number of benefits to business owners, their team members and customers. The packs are up to 40% more time efficient when cooking or re-heating contents in the microwave, and the simple-to-open design enables a more even cooking or reheating of the food. In turn, this improves the customer’s experience with the edible products they have purchased. The packs are also cooler to touch and hold after cooking and reheating, providing safer and more comfortable handling for end-users.

The whole pack can be printed or branded to the client’s specific needs, eliminating the need for the addition of separate sleeves or inner cartons. Our ability to deliver a more streamlined solution and increased performance fits perfectly with our overall vision as a progressive packaging supplier. The packs are also dimensionally accurate, and therefore suitable for high speed processing. And last, but certainly not least, they are incredibly strong, making it possible to dispense with an outer carton and deliver trays or packs in pallet layers.

As always, sustainability is at the core of our processes, and our ovenable packs and trays are comprised of over 75% virgin FSC paper and they are generally recyclable in the paper stream. Council standards for paper recycling may differ in certain areas, so it is always best to check the products comply with your council’s recycling criteria before adding them to the recyclables.

Our ovenable packs can offer clients cost savings of up to 20%, depending on their current pack specification and source.

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