Ovenable Folding Cartons without a PET coating

Ovenable folding cartons

In the area of ovenable packaging for the food service industry, Zipform Packaging are proud to have a solution that advances performance by using new techniques and technologies to solve a common issue with PET coated products. Our solutions increase the integrity and overall performance of these products, to make life much easier for the companies, and the experience far more pleasant for the consumer.

The Zipform Packaging offering is ovenable folding cartons without a PET coating that achieves the performance enhancements summarised above.

“We are always very happy to be approached by industries with specific needs and challenges. Our dedication to innovation and exploring new solutions places us perfectly to respond to our clients challenges, and solve them. As an example, we have created a product that gives the airline industry a new benchmark in packing performance for inflight food service.”

David Kilpatrick, Zipform Packaging Research, Development & Quality Director

A less progressive way to supply ovenable boxes suitable for in-flight meal and snack services on aircrafts loaded in Australia utilises a combination of PET and ovenable board. PET coating acts as a barrier on the board to protect against fats and liquids. But these boxes were often subject to twisting, warping and even blistering of the PET due to the high oven temperatures and the length of time the food is held at those high temperatures.

The team at Zipform Packaging were asked to source a paperboard product more suitable for aircraft food service applications and to manufacture boxes which addressed and improved on the common problems and concerns.

In our search for the right product, we identified a European board provider as the ideal supplier, because they manufacture a virgin FSC board suitable for the required aircraft applications. We set up a supply chain to manage the stock locally and convert the board into finished boxes on a just-in-time basis.

This new product and process created a number of benefits. The product that is currently supplied and used is rated to 210°C and has performed reliably for a number of years. The board conversion process has been simplified, and the boxes perform better for in-flight service. They also provide a better yield when recycled in the paper stream, because they are made from 100% virgin FSC paper, making them a fully sustainable solution.

In addition to these benefits, Zipform Packaging have provided cost savings to our clients. The boxes produced are significantly cheaper than boxes made from equivalent ovenable PET or paper laminate structures.

“We find great pride in creating solutions that not only solve specific functionality challenges by using new techniques, but also offer the client greater efficiencies at the same time. There is nothing better than delivering a solution that includes multiple wins for our clients on performance, innovation and cost.”

John Bigley, Zipform Packaging CEO

We are very happy to have been in a position to help some great clients in SnapFresh (Qantas), and Rowies (Virgin) with these innovations and see them enjoy the multiple benefits.

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