More paper. Less plastic. We use more paper to replace metals and moulded plastics to reduce costs and achieve more sustainable packaging. Using more paper and sustainable materials in new ways is more efficient for your company and decreases the environmental impact of packaging.

Our company’s positioning statement is a simple expression of our focus and what sets us apart in the packaging sector.

More paper. Less plastic.

This defines our approach, and the foundation of our solutions and while this delivers definite sustainability benefits, the environment is not our sole motivation.

By using paper board to replace plastics and metals, we can also improve function and performance, and reduce costs at the same time. So often we are able to achieve a triple-win for your clients with a combination of benefits that include superior function, increased sustainability, and reduced costs.

“The stories behind our focus on using less plastic and metal and more paper provide compelling business cases that are attractive to our clients. When we can deliver improved packaging solutions that reduce costs and include more sustainable solutions, everyone wins.”

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

If your business is searching for packaging solutions that are smarter because they are cheaper and more sustainable, please contact us. We can guide you and your team though our process, what it means to use more paper, and present the options and the benefits of each.

Our people are specialists in replacing plastic and metal with paper to deliver more sustainable packaging solutions at more competitive prices. Our composite pack technologies are central to the way we achieve these benefits, and often we can offer a faster solution too.

Plus, we speak the language of packaging. We understand the packaging opportunities in terms of materials, formats, and marketing power.

We help clients across Australasia understand their options and find the best packaging solutions. We are here and ready to help you too.

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