Custom Packaging Solutions

Developing custom packaging solutions is something we help many clients with. In fact, it is more common for our solutions to include some level of customisation, and we enjoy meeting those challenges.

Different businesses have different products and those products, particularly when they are food-based, have different requirements. Specific requirements might relate to the storage and integrity of foods, it might be the way the products is prepared and served at point of sale, or it might be a specific branding design challenge.

Regardless of the nature of your special requirement, the team at Zipform Packaging are more than likely to be familiar with it, and ready to develop a solution that exactly meets your specific needs.

“Developing unique and bespoke packaging is something we love to do. It allows us to put our creativity and our experience to work for the client, and achieve something new. Whether the custom nature of the packaging is based on function or design, we love that challenge because it fit our dedication to progression.”

David Kilpatrick, Zipform Packaging Research, Development & Quality Director

Achieving bespoke packaging solutions has as strong connection to our production processes and the technologies we invest in. Our composite packaging production line gives us the ability to change over forming tooling easily in order to achieve different sizes and shapes.

Our integrated consumer facing media gives us sector-leading flexibility and allows us to change designs and variations quickly and easily.

For highly specific custom requirements, our service is anchored on the experience of John Bigley, David Kilpatrick and Eddy Pahor. Their combined experience represents a significant knowledge base that they share openly with our clients. When possible, we take a collaborative approach to combine our packaging experience with the knowledge of our clients to move quickly to the most progressive and high functioning packaging solutions.

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