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Led by John Bigley, David Kilpatrick and Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging comprises a highly effective team of packaging concept and production experts committed to the same goals. Central to these goals is using more paper and less plastic to deliver smarter and more cost effective packaging.

John Bigley,  Zipform Packaging CEO

John Bigley has over 38 years’ experience in the packaging industry starting out as a service engineer then progressing through the ranks into senior operational and business leadership roles in international packaging organisations. John moved from Europe in 2011 to lead a globally-owned Australasian metal packaging business.

Before joining Zipform Packaging in 2018 John was Managing Director, Jamestrong Packaging a market leader in supplying metal packaging to the FMCG market.

John is also the President of the Australian Institute Of Packaging (AIP), a member of APCO 's Fibre Material Sewardship Committe and a member of the Complementary Medicine Association of Australia's Sustainability Committee .

John’s packaging pedigree is leading Zipform Packaging into a new era and ensuring its packaging has presence and relevance to todays’ ever evolving consumer markets.

“Businesses today are looking for packaging that is consumer-engaging and that best represents their brand. I believe that Zipform Packaging’s packaging range leads the field in terms of its sustainability credentials, its format flexibility and value add.”

John Bigley

David Kilpatrick, Zipform Packaging Research, Development & Quality Director

Zipform Packaging’s research and quality initiatives are led by a highly experienced packaging professional who has dedicated his career to the pursuit of best-practice packaging solutions and the technologies and processes requires to achieve them.

David set up SOTA Packaging in 2010. It has recently rebranded as Zipform Packaging under new leadership. David has held senior management positions with a range of businesses in the retail food services sector and before founding SOTA Packaging in 2010, he was the Managing Director of Dyson's Packaging, an important national supplier of packaging to the food service sector.

“It inspires me to discover the most progressive packaging technologies and techniques. When these match our own dedication to alternative materials, increased sustainability and cost reduction, we do not hesitate to invest and introduce these options to our clients.”

David Kilpatrick

Between 1990 and 2002, David was a Director of, and consultant to, Peters & Brownes Foods (PBFL) when that company grew annual sales from $200M to over $500M. PBFL became a significant competitor in the national supply of branded ice cream and dairy products.

David’s credentials in packaging are well established, and his success in this sector is based on dedication, a commitment to progression, a keen eye for new opportunities and the ability to achieve business wins for his clients.

David’s expertise in packaging is the driving force behind Zipform Packaging’s delivery of cutting edge solutions, and his experience is readily available to anyone across the Australasian region looking for new ways to develop superior packaging for their products.

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

Eddy and David formed their formidable packaging partnership during their time with Dyson’s Packaging. Their relationship is based on a shared commitment to achieving superior packaging solutions in new ways.

Eddy co-founded SOTA with David and works with clients to understand their challenges, develop solutions and present options with clear benefits.

“We so often present clients with packaging options that they have not been aware of before. When people understand the connection between replacing plastic with paper board, and the cost savings that delivers, what can be achieved is exciting and rewarding for both parties.”

Eddy Pahor

Eddy was previously the National Sales Manager of Dyson's Packaging, with that company from 2002 to 2010 and a major contributor to its development as a major manufacturer and distributor of food service packaging.

Before joining Dyson's Eddy was the NSW Sales Manager for Canning Vale Weaving Mills and played a significant role in developing a substantial business in the independent retail sector.

Eddy’s focus is on understanding challenges and finding better solutions for clients. He understands every part of the technologies Zipform Packaging offer and every step of the production line.

Eddy is able to deliver maximum value to clients when he allowed to approach their challenges with an openness to progressive thinking and new ideas.

To take advantage of Eddy’s packaging passion and commitment to progression, contact Zipform Packaging today and start a conversation.

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