Cost Savings

We are often able to reduce costs for our clients by replacing more expensive materials with paper board and by the speed and in-built efficiencies of our process. When you combine efficiency, technology, sustainability and premium solutions, you have compelling reasons to contact us.

Cost is always a consideration, and we understand that better than most.

Packaging is a significant investment for your business and our clients, and we take their investment seriously. Your packaging plays a central role in the quality and integrity of your products, and also the ability for your product to be seen and chosen at point of sale by representing the brand value simply & effectively to the consumer.

We have a great understanding of these factors and we know that the overall quality of the packaging solution must always be balanced against cost.

“A premium packaging solution does not have to mean increased costs. In fact, we work hard to achieve the opposite. Our adoption of progressive technologies and our pursuit of more sustainable options is motivated by our search for cost savings that we are able to pass on to our clients.”

John Bigley, Zipform Packaging CEO

More Paper

Let’s start here. By replacing materials like metal and plastic, with paper board alternatives, we can immediately reduce costs. Often, metal and plastic is used simply because our competitors have those materials built into outdated production processes.

When we replace more expensive materials with paper, not only do we reduce costs for your clients, but we also achieve other benefits in improved performance and appearance of the packaging. Weight and durability advantages can also be achieved with paper board alternatives.

Process Efficiencies

We know that when we compare our processes to the majority of our competitors, we use less direct labour to achieve our solutions due to the progressive technologies we have invested in related to automation and speed.

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