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Zipform Packaging - Domino's Range

Domino’s is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful pizza chain franchises, with over 550 stores in Australia and 100 stores in New Zealand.

Domino’s were using multiple local companies for their consumables which included food handling gloves, bin liners, foil sheets, plastic cutlery and more. Zipform Packaging proposed to take over the supply chain, providing a distribution network in Australia and New Zealand to reduce delivery lead times and achieve cost savings for the group.

Our solution gave the business a one-stop-shop for all of their consumable needs. The range expanded into printed paper bags, where Zipform Packaging provided a higher quality print solution and the use of more colours. While previous suppliers could only provide 3 print colours, we were able to provide up to 6 colours, whilst still achieving cost savings.

Zipform Packaging went on to expand their product range with Domino’s to include cups and cartons, which then provided even more cost savings to the group.

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