Packaging Design

Great packaging performs at least two functions. It protects and preserves the product, and it presents your brand at point of same. Packaging plays a central role in the marketing process, and we understand that.

At point of sale, in supermarkets, stores and retail environments everywhere, brands and products fight for the attention of consumers. This is the front line, the place where the consumer makes their final purchasing decision and reach for the one product they will be purchasing and taking home.

In this environment, the appearance of your packaging is very important. At Zipform Packaging, we understand the ‘language of packaging’ from production and performance, to its marketing power on the shelves and in the retail environments.

“The depth of our experience in packaging includes an excellent understanding of and the importance of design. We can help our clients balance the power of their brands, with the mandatory information they must include. The common end goal, is always to stand out at point of sale.”

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

The Zipform Packaging team, work with our clients to consider the cross section of their requirements, from the requirements of their products and the function of the packaging to their brand assets and design requirements.

Differentiation can be achieved in a variety of ways. We help our clients create distinctive packaging with design, shape, finishing and more. Many factors work together to create a unique overall impression in the mind of the consumer.

We offer the greatest possible opportunities to give your business packaging that achieves high level cut through at point of sale, while connecting with and meeting the needs of your consumers.

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