A premium whisky pack for the Limeburners brand

Premium Alcohol Packaging

Many people are aware of the premium whiskey brand, Limeburners, and if you’re not one of them, perhaps you should try a sip or two.

The Limeburners business is defined by a carefully crafted product, a premium, small-batch brand and lovely packaging.

“It is always exciting to be retained by a business that is focussed on beautifully crafted products. We love the challenges of developing packaging to match a high benchmark set by the brand and product. This was certainly the case with Limeburners and everyone involved was delighted when the final solution included costs savings in addition to achieving a premium finish.”

John Bigley, Zipform Packaging CEO

When Zipform Packaging engaged with Limeburners, our challenge was to create a solution for the manufacture of a premium whisky pack without a metal bottom that would be suitable for this great southern WA whisky distillery.

We are always happy to look for solutions where we can replace metal and plastic with paper solutions to combine improved sustainability, with a premium finish and uncompromised function.

The solution we developed involves a strong paper composite pack that our team designed with a top metal plug.

The weight a full bottle of whiskey is significant due to the combination of glass and liquid. So, for Limeburners one of the defining requirements in this project was to create a packaging product that was sturdy and robust. To achieve this, we designed a pack that incorporates a heavy duty drink coaster in the base to add extra strength, plus gold foil stamping to create a highly premium detail.

With no metal bottom, this premium whisky packaging solution is recyclable in the paper stream, unlike similar imported packs which do incorporate a metal bottom. Zipform Packaging's packaging contains 80% recycled paper content.

Limeburners is a great example of a business who want to achieve sustainable packaging solutions by reducing plastic and metal usage, while still retaining a premium finish that matches the quality of their products. With this solution, we were able to meet both key requirements of the client’s brief.

Quite remarkably, in this case, the client was moving from an unbranded packaging solution that was basic by comparison. Even within that context, the Zipform Packaging solution still achieved cost savings when compared to the previous packaging option.

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