Curbside Recyclable Composite Paperboard Packaging

As the global FMCG industry begins to recognise the impacts of packaging on the environment, a tsunami of change has swept the globe with brand owners committing to ensure all packaging is both recyclable and has strong sustainability credentials with ambitious timelines.

Through the use of Zipform Packaging's unique manufacturing process, these aspirations can be met with Rigid Composite Packaging that is curbside recyclable throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Not only is Zipform Packaging's Rigid Composite Packaging recyclable, each pack contains over 70% post-consumer recycled material together with FSC certified paperboard linear-formed in unison to ensure the integrity of the pack remains uncompromised while reducing the impact of packaging on the environment. 

As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant and as a partner of the Australian Institute of Packaging, Zipform Packaging continues to work within the industry to ensure packaging solutions support the ambitions of businesses to utilise recyclable packaging.  We are also working with food manufacturers limit the harm food waste can cause to the environment through packaging that protects the product and enables ease of use to consumers.  The PREP tool available to all APCO members is also used to analyse and demonstrate that Zipform Packaging’s Rigid Composite Packaging is recyclable within Australia and New Zealand.

The introduction of a paperboard base in Zipform Packaging's rigid composite packaging assists in the recovery and recycling process, while also enabling the Rigid Composite Packs to be used for a wide variety of contents from dry powders through to dairy and beverages with the potential for shelf life extension thanks to the exceptional barrier properties inherent in the packs.


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