Fight Food Waste – Cooperative Research Centre : SAVE FOOD PACKAGING DESIGN CRITERIA & FRAMEWORK

Zipform Packaging is proud to be a project contributor to the Fight Food Waste project being led by the Australian Institute Of Packaging – “Save Food Packaging Design Criteria & Framework” which was launched in mid 2019.


The expected outcomes of the project over the next 2 years are:

  • A research-driven educational and training program to design better packaging for Saving Food
  • Save Food Packaging Design Guidelines  & Criteria to be embedded in all Product and Packaging Development
  • Best Practice Examples and Case Studies of intuitive and innovative Save Food Packaging Design
  • Global Standard to design intuitive packaging that can prevent and/or minimise food waste
  • Consumer Education – the role that packaging plays in minimising food waste


“Food waste is a huge socio-economic problem both globally and locally here in Australia.  We applaud the initiatives undertaken within the body of the Fight Food Waste CRC, and as a responsible packaging manufacturer we are particularly pleased to be involved at the heart of the issue as it relates to packaging.  At Zipform Packaging we strive continually to come up with packaging solutions that can improve shelf-life, provide excellent openability and resealabilty characteristics and which also have a positive sustainability message.  Our engagement in the project led by AIP is another signal of our intent to be  a key player in the ever-demanding world of packaging and support such key industry initiatives.”  John Bigley - CEO

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