Reaching your 2025 targets

The recent APCO “2025 Recycled Content Targets” report has set some ambitious targets for the packaging industry to help drive the market for recycled content.  Recycled content is a powerful lever for change within the packaging supply chain and is a key indicator of the circularity and efficiency of Australia’s packaging system. (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, 2020).

There are challenges for the industry as manufacturers and brand owners grapple with the requirements for recycled content without impacting food safety, product quality and cost.  These pressures are more prominent for plastic where the increase in recycled content is to increase from a lowly 2% to 20%.

As has been known for a long time now, paperboard leads the way in recycling rates within Australia together with the recycled content rate (currently 49%, targeted to increase to 60% by 2025).  Together with coming from a renewable resource, this makes paper a perfect solution for improving packaging sustainability.

At Zipform Packaging, thanks to the unique linear form technology, packs are currently made from >60% recycled content i.e. already above the 2025 target, without any compromise to food safety, product quality or cost, making rigid composite packs an ideal solution to ensure packaging circularity. 

With a primary packaging source that meets APCO 2025 recycled content targets, ensures food safety through a high barrier hermetically sealed pack and a cost base comparable to existing rigid packaging there is no reason not to put more fibre in your packaging diet!


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