Zipform rPump

The use of non-recyclable plastics has been increasingly in the spotlight since the announcement of the 2025 National Packaging Targets as brand owners and manufacturers alike grapple with the challenges of recycling problematic materials and products.
One such product which is widespread throughout retail shelves is the traditional pump style pack which typically consists of a plastic base and a screw-top pump assembly fitted for dispensing the product.  The challenge with the existing format is twofold:
  1. The base pack is typically in a non-recyclable coloured PET with the addition of a label
  2. The pump assembly which, due to its size and complex combination of multiple materials is also non-recyclable
At Zipform Packaging, we approached this challenge true to our mantra "more paper, less plastic” by creating the Zipform Packaging rPump; a world first innovation that takes the Zipform composite pack to create a perfect combination of recyclable and reusable packaging utilising three components.
  1. Primary Pack and Refill Pack – a curbside recyclable pack comprising of >90% fibre and >60% recycled content
  2. Connecting Neck Assembly (PCT Patent Pending) designed to press fit and seal to the rim of the composite pack
  3. A threaded Pump Assembly as would be found on existing pump packs
With the neck and pump assembly components being reusable components, the consumer simply discards the composite pack and reuses the remaining plastic components on a refill pack hermetically sealed in a Zipform Composite Pack to be retailed separately.
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