Paper Lid with Window for Paper Cups and Paper Composite Packs

Paper Lid with Window for Paper Cups and Paper Composite Packs

We were presented with a challenge to develop a premium over-cap that includes the integration of a ‘window’ to allow good visibility of the product.

This project challenge is a good example of our ability to work on an existing solution to re-consider it, and make it better. Our goals in cases such as this one is to improve function and performance and create a new variation on an existing solution.

“Our team are highly skilled at taking existing solutions, and working to evolve them. We understand the language of packaging, and how to combine design with more sustainable solutions to produce a more progressive outcome. In this case, innovation delivered a premium product that is a great solution for many clients.”

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

While a clear PET lid is available, it did not meet the premium requirements that some of our clients were looking for to combine with the product visibility function. So, our goal with this project was to retain the function of a clear window that gives the end-users a clear view of the products they are purchasing and consuming, while elevating the solution with a finish that creates a more premium look and feel.

To evolve the existing see-through lid solution into a new iteration that delivers a more premium packaging product, we worked closely with our paper lid manufacturer. The outcome was the development of printed paper lids with windows that work for both round and non-round packs.

Our new ‘premium window’ packaging lid includes the application of a clear polypropylene window in the centre of a paper lid. The end result is a new lid variant that provides a print area and product visibility at the same time. The ability to print around the window, and the paper finishing, delivers on the premium requirement, and also gives clients the flexibility to create different looks depending on the graphics, text and colour they choose to print around the window.

The final benefits delivered to clients is a super-premium look that delivers impressive on-shelf differentiation with a beautiful and practical pack for use in or out of home. We have also increased the sustainability credentials of this lid solution and we are proud that this product is recyclable in the paper stream because of the low percentage of plastic used for the window.

In terms of cost and efficiencies, we can now deliver a highly affordable premium option that in many cases will prove to be a more attractive, and practical solution for clients looking for a point of difference with their lidded packaging.

Clients that have adopted this new solution and are enjoying the benefits, include Mix My Muesli and Rowies Cakes and they are in good company as more people adopt this solution.

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