Non-round composite packs

Non-round Composite Packs

In 2018 companies are looking for progression and flexibility with their packaging. The emphasis on a total sustainable solution that meets the technical specifications, and delivers shelf impact, is increasing.

We’re here to meet those demands and our investment in technologies and processes that deliver flexibility and variety has been significant.

Zipform Packaging offers composite packaging solutions in a variety of shapes and non-round options that allow our clients to find the format for the packaging for their products.

“Our team carries a combination of experience and learning, combined with a passion for progress and looking for exciting new technologies that expand what we are capable of offering our clients. There’s nothing we love more than meeting difficult challenges with solutions that exceed expectations.”

Eddy Pahor, Zipform Packaging Commercial Director

Non-round Composite Packs

To manufacture a pack that offers the benefits of barrier properties, strength, cost, and recyclability in shapes other than and including round profiles was a challenge. We had to spend some time looking for the right technologies and the best solution.

Currently, we have one non-round 401E tooling set available for a pack with an equivalent footprint to a 99mm cylindrical can. By utilising this tool set, these packs can be made in any height between 45mm and 230mm.

We are also in the process of planning our next stage of investments that will include a larger non-round tool set. This will give us the capabilities to provide a 127mm cylindrical can equivalent, suitable for products in segments such as infant and adult nutrition as well as beverage powders.

The pack is fully recyclable in the paper stream that handles beverage cartons and UHT packs. All of the paper content is either recycled or from FSC resources. On average, the pack is comprised of 80% recycled content without compromising food safety. Migration issues are resolved because of the presence of foil acting as an impermeable barrier within the pack. In addition, approximately 85% of the pack is comprised of renewable resources.

The pack also offers weight savings when compared with both conventional composite cans with a metal bottom, and with rigid plastic packs.

“These specifications are another great example of our commitment to progressive technologies that increase both the sustainability and the performance of the final product.”

John Bigley, Zipform Packaging CEO

Non-round composite cans offer multiple benefits to brands and businesses, including excellent product differentiation in the marketplace and on-shelf with a larger facings combined with easier handling for consumers. Other benefits include ease of transport, storage and shelf density compared with the 99mm round cans, and we typically offer customers savings of between 15 and 20% compared with conventional composite cans.

These solutions and their benefits have attracted the attention of several Zipform Packaging clients including Baskin Robbins, Wondersnack, and Gilbert's Fresh, all benefiting from our non-round composite can innovations.

Non-round Composite Packs

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