Dairy Packaging from Zipform Packaging

A brief walk through your local supermarket dairy cabinet would lead you to believe that plastic was the only packaging option for fresh or frozen dairy products; particularly those requiring a barrier to oxygen.

As a leader in paper packaging innovation, Zipform Packaging is challenging this misconception with a range of paperboard packaging solutions suitable for chilled and frozen applications alike with exceptional decoration enabling brands to stand out on busy supermarket shelves.

Not only is paperboard an aesthetically pleasing material for use with dairy products, but thanks to significant advancements in material composition and advanced manufacturing processes, Zipform Packaging can enhance the functional performance of paperboard beyond that of the everyday use of the material.

Rigid Composite Packaging

Zipform’s Rigid Composite Packs are comprised of multiple layers including aluminium enabling manufacturers to create a hermetically sealed pack with an excellent barrier to light, oxygen and moisture transmission to protect even the most demanding products.

In addition to this, the unique format of Zipform’s manufacturing process means that multiple pack sizes can be made from a single tool, creating the potential for single serve, family and bulk packaging without investment in multiple toolsets.

Paperboard Cups

As an alternative to Rigid Composite packs, Zipform Packaging can supply paper cup and tub solutions for use within the chilled cabinet.

With the ability to adopt alternative paperboard specifications to meet the requirements of the product including microwave safe and high barrier paperboard packaging, the opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience with a sustainable packaging option is within reach.


With exquisite decoration options on offer, high barrier paperboard cups and rigid composite packs from Zipform Packaging are sure to capture the consumer’s attention while meeting the most stringent technical requirements in a completely unique format for the category.


Contact Zipform Packaging to explore how a partnership could bring a fresh approach to your product.


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