Baskin Robbins

Zipform Packaging and Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is one of Australia’s most popular ice cream franchises, with over 90 stores across the nation.

Before partnering with Zipform Packaging, Baskin Robbins was importing their packaging from the United States, creating numerous challenges for their business. Franchisees were frequently running low on stock, there were printing accuracy issues and the group was severely hampered when it came to driving any new product development opportunities.

Zipform Packaging proposed to take over the packaging supply chain to help improve their systems. The take over resulted in cost savings of approximately 12% to the franchise group and new opportunities to expand local product development.

Zipform Packaging currently provides Baskin Robbins with a national distribution network via its third-party logistics in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. We have also matched the print across the complete range of products, a first for the franchise in Australia.

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